The Convention - JUNE 4th, 2019

JUNE 4th, 2019



How we protect British democracy from
Facebook and dark money.

Despite eleven separate investigations into the conduct of the 2016 EU Referendum, and a referral by the Electoral Commission to the National Crime Agency, there have been no prosecutions and there is little sign of police actively pursuing serious criminal offences. This failure has profound implications for the Rule of Law but also the future of British democracy. If foreign money can secretly sway the outcome of elections by the abuse of personal data on social media, what hope is there for the future of liberal democracy in the UK?

The Fourth Convention – to be held at the Emmanuel Centre, Westminster, June 4th (2.00pm– 8.30pm) – will review the many scandals from the 2016 campaign with testimony from all the key investigators, including Carole Cadwalldr. And we will ask why the mainstream media has been so reluctant to cover the story of the stolen vote. In the second part, we will move on to propose ways of protecting British democracy with tougher new laws to control social media and dark money.

The event will feature contributions from leading politicians, lawyers and journalists, to be announced over the next few days.

The Convention: Never Again will be held on Tuesday 4th June at the Emmanuel Centre, Westminster

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