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To tell The Convention on Brexit & the Political Crash your experiences of Brexit
We’re hearing more and more people sharing  personal stories about how Brexit is affecting them – from lost or delayed investment  to vanishing subsidies, job insecurity and reduced staffing levels. But many of these are going unreported, unheard or simply drowned out by the media.

If that sounds like you, then we’d like to invite you to share your experience and get your message heard loud and clear on May 12th-13th in Westminster’s Central Hall, where we’re hosting The Convention on Brexit & the Political Crash. This two-day event will see many well-known speakers including politicians, writers, academics, lawyers and leading cultural figures take to the stage to discuss the impact of Brexit both now and in the future.

But if Brexit is threatening your livelihood – whatever your profession, seniority level or industry – it’s YOU we really want to hear from.

If you’d like to share what it’s really like living with Brexit, then please get in touch by emailing and we’ll either arrange for you to join us for an expenses-paid trip to London to tell us your story in person, or send us a video recording.
If we’re going to have any impact on the direction of Theresa May’s government following the triggering of Article 50, the time to speak out about what is happening is now.

All the best,
The Convention team