Free at last? The economy and Brexit

Will Hutton Ann Pettifor Anatole Kaletsky John Mills

Great Hall

May 12th, 2017, 2:00 pm - 2:45 pm

The most hotly disputed issue of the moment.

No question is more hotly contested than the likely economic impacts of leaving the EU. Leavers say there can be no gain without pain, but once freed from cumbersome EU legislation and bureaucracy, the UK will win through as a global trader. But is this all for the birds? Remainers insist that what was dismissed as “project fear” in 2016 is coming to pass, that firms are already shifting focus and energy to the continent. With the UK severely in debt and public finances under strain, what hope does the country have outside the EU, especially now that the US says it will put the EU ahead of Britain in trade negotiations? Will we lose the 3.4 million jobs that are said to rely directly on the United Kingdom's membership of the EU? Leavers and Remainers from across the political spectrum debate the central issue of the General Election.

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