Alastair Campbell

Writer, communicator and strategist

Alastair Campbell rose to prominence through his work as Downing Street Press Secretary and later as spokesperson and Director of Communications and Strategy for the 1997-2007 Tony Blair administration, although he held no official position after 2003. He has been credited with being one of the chief architects of Third Way politics in the UK and even with coining the title ‘New Labour’. After 2003, Campbell returned to the fray to aid Blair, Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband in their respective election campaigns. His published works include six volumes of diaries and the number-one best-selling analysis Winners: And How They Succeed. Former political editor of the Daily Mirror, Campbell is also patron of various mental health charities and the longstanding Chairman of Funding for leukaemia charity Bloodwise.

Broken politics, May 12th, 2017, Great Hall


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