David Morgan

Psychoanalyst and psychotherapist

David Morgan is a psychoanalyst and consultant psychotherapist who has worked in the NHS and private practice for 25 years, providing consultation to organisations in both public and private sectors. He specialises in patients with problems around sexuality and violence and has co-edited a popular textbook on these subjects.

He is Chair of the Political Minds Seminars at the British Psychoanalytic Society, regularly contributes to radio and television and lectures nationally and internationally on all spheres of the subject of mental health and psychoanalysis.  A Fellow of the British Psychoanalytic Society, he is a senior lecturer at City University London and Essex University. His recent research has focused on the psychological implications for whistleblowers and the conditions, socially, politically and psychologically under which a person may “turn a blind eye” or take on the responsibility of whistleblowing. He also presents a podcast called Frontier Psychologist.

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