Helena Kennedy

Human rights barrister

The Right Honourable Baroness Kennedy of the Shaws is principal of Mansfield College, Oxford and a human rights barrister at Doughty Street Chambers. She has been a Labour peer in the Upper House since 1997, when Tony Blair’s incoming administration created ‘working peers’ to redress the balance with the Conservative majority. She has been awarded more than thirty honorary doctorates and previously chaired the Human Genetics Commission. Baroness Kennedy is currently chairing the EU Justice Sub-Committee and she also sits on the European Union Committee. She is an expert on both European law and the potential effects that Brexit could have on the British people. She has spoken publicly about our society living through an “ugly time” and is an impassioned defender for the right to remain of the three million EU citizens who are living in the UK.

Citizenship and immigration, May 13th, 2017, Great Hall

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