Mark Choueke

Marketing consultant and Communications expert

Mark Choueke, a former Marketing Week editor and recent founder of the Choueke consultancy, is dedicated to helping early stage technology startups bring more of their world-changing innovation to market through better storytelling.

Previously, Choueke worked exclusively in industries and environments that require agility, speed and the ability to constantly innovate: namely, the newsroom, the PR agency and the fast-growth digital technology start-up.

As former award-winning editor of Marketing Week and business journalist at the Sunday Telegraph newspaper, Mark gained the trust of and access to the world’s great businesses including Coca-Cola, Google, McDonald’s and Facebook. Mark later advised more of the world’s best-known brands for Chime’s PR and communications agencies. More recently, he occupied global chief marketing and communications officer roles for SaaS customer experience platforms Qubit and Freespee. Working throughout the US and Europe Mark employed his ability to drive market-leading growth through powerful storytelling and content marketing.


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