Philippe Legrain

Writer, commentator, consultant and public speaker

Philippe Legrain is a thinker and communicator with high-level policy experience at the EU and on international trade.

A senior visiting fellow at the London School of Economics’ European Institute, he is also the founder of Open Political Economy Network (OPEN), an international think-tank that focuses on migration and other openness issues, and a columnist for Project Syndicate and other international media outlets, notably on Brexit issues.

From 2011 to 2014, Philippe was economic adviser and head of the team providing strategic policy advice to European Commission President José Manuel Barroso. He has also been special adviser to World Trade Organisation director-general Mike Moore; chief economist and director of policy for Britain in Europe, the pro-European campaign; and trade and economics correspondent for The Economist.

Legrain is the author of four critically acclaimed books – Open World: The Truth about Globalisation (2002); Immigrants: Your Country Needs Them (2007), which was shortlisted for the Financial Times Business Book of the Year award; Aftershock: Reshaping the World Economy After the Crisis (2010); and European Spring: Why Our Economies and Politics are in a Mess – and How to Put Them Right (2014), which was selected by Martin Wolf as among the FT’s Best Books of 2014.

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