Filmed at The Convention on Brexit & the Political Crash, May 13th, 2017

How will Brexit affect our ideas of who we are and where we belong?

With David Goodhart, Sayeeda Warsi, Philippe Legrain, Sashy Nathan, Faiza Shaheen and Mary Lou McDonald. Chair: Helena Kennedy


Concern about EU migration was the key influence in the UK’s vote to leave the EU. Latest figures show net immigration from EU countries (165K) and non-EU Countries (164K) are almost the same. Why did concern about EU migrants dominate thinking? And was this is an expression of something else – the loss of community, perhaps, or the profound difference between the “somewheres” and the “anywheres”, as a new book by David Goodhart would have it? And what will citizenship mean under Brexit? Millions relish their citizenship of the EU but must now relinquish that. Do they have a right to remain citizens of the EU? And what will British citizenship mean in the future?

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