Filmed at The Convention on Brexit & the Political Crash, May 13th, 2017

Burgeoning English consciousness is a powerful new driver in the politics of the UK. Where did it come from and why?

With Timothy Garton Ash, Robert Tombs, Alex von Tunzelmann, Anthony Barnett and Suzanne Moore. Chair: Nick Pearce.


With the English voting 53.4%–46.4 % to leave the EU, some say that Brexit is the triumph of English nationalism over the more European-minded nations of the United Kingdom. Must English political expression take the form of Britishness? Must England enforce devolution on the Scots rather than permit independence? Is a federal union possible, with an English parliament? Why are the English more anti-European than their neighbours? Could an English nationalism become the precursor to an easier, more equitable relationship between the constituent parts of the United Kingdom and the EU?

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