Filmed at The Convention on Brexit & the Political Crash, May 12th, 2017

Racist and sexist abuse has doubled. What has happened to our tolerant society? Did it never exist?

With Viv Groskop, Sunder Katwala, Amy Longland. Chair: Mary Fitzgerald


The referendum seemed to unleash something nasty in the British character. Hate crimes rose by 100%, according to British police forces, and abuse in the media and online increased sharply. The vote to leave seemed to encourage atrocious hostility to women and minorities. Why did this happen and who is responsible for creating a society where it is acceptable to humiliate and insult people you disagree with? Is it just the way we are, or should we blame the web? What can society and the government do to set new standards of tolerance and respect? How can each of us resist this tide of abuse?

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