Would a vote on any deal with the EU rip the country apart, or give people a chance to make up their minds with all the facts?

With Professor AC Grayling, Jo Maugham, Toby Young and Diane James. Chair: Mariella Frostrup.

Filmed at the Convention on Brexit & the Political Crash on May 13th, 2017

The British people voted to leave the EU, and that should be an end to the matter. A second referendum is a fantasy born from Remainers’ refusal to accept the will of the people. But what were the 27 per cent of the electorate that voted to leave actually saying? Did they sign up to leaving the single market and customs union, which was never an explicit part of the Leave campaign? Were they giving the government a mandate to leave the EU without a deal in place? One thing is certain – we all know a lot more about Brexit than we did last year. It is surely right that the British people have the final say on any deal. Or would a second referendum tear the country apart?


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