Can the EU meet the challenges of Brexit and populism to reinvent itself?

With Frédéric Martel, Laurent Pech, Louise Rowntree, Joseph Garcia and Richard Corbett. Chair: Charles Grant.

Filmed at the Convention on Brexit & the Political Crash, May 12th, 2017

Emmanuel Macron’s triumph in France over Marine Le Pen’s Front National is a victory for the EU. For the moment, the nationalist, Eurosceptic forces have been repelled and, after Geert Wilders’ earlier defeat in Holland, this bodes well for the elections in Germany, where the far right is also on the march. But protectionist and nationalist movements still threaten the European project and, indeed, the values of the enlightenment. Can the EU reform, or will it revert to its old ways once the crisis seems to have passed? Does Macron’s win turn Hard Brexit into a Harsh Brexit, as he once promised?

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